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What is Addcurve Institute?

Addcurve Institute is a non-profit organization that provides training and support to people with disabilities who want to pursue careers in the tech industry. The institute offers a variety of programs, including bootcamps, internships, and job placement services.

Who is eligible to apply to Addcurve Institute?

Addcurve Institute is open to people with all types of disabilities, including physical, cognitive, and learning disabilities. Applicants must be at least 18 years 

What are the application requirements?

To apply to Addcurve Institute, you must submit an application form, a resume, and a letter of recommendation. You will also be required to complete an interview.

What are the costs associated with Addcurve Institute?

Addcurve Institute offers financial aid to qualified students. The amount of financial aid you receive will depend on your individual circumstances.

What are the job placement rates for Addcurve Institute graduates?

Addcurve Institute has a high job placement rate for its graduates. In fact, 95% of Addcurve Institute graduates find a job within six months of graduation.

How can I learn more about Addcurve Institute?

To learn more about Addcurve Institute, please visit their website at www.addcurve.com. You can also call them at 7989069017.

Here are some additional questions that you may have:

  • What are the different types of programs that Addcurve Institute offers?
  • What are the career paths that Addcurve Institute can help me with?
  • What are the benefits of attending Addcurve Institute?
  • Programs: Addcurve Institute offers a variety of programs, including:
    • Bootcamps: Bootcamps are intensive training programs that teach you the skills you need to get a job in tech. Bootcamps typically last 12-16 weeks and can cost anywhere from 10n000 to 30,000.
    • Internships: Internships are a great way to gain experience in the tech industry. Internships are typically unpaid, but they can lead to a full-time job after graduation.
    • Job placement services: Addcurve Institute offers job placement services to help you find a job in tech. These services include resume writing help, interview coaching, and networking opportunities.
  • Career paths: Addcurve Institute can help you with a variety of career paths in tech, including:
    • Software development
    • Data science
    • Cybersecurity
    • User experience design
    • Web development
  • Benefits: There are many benefits to attending Addcurve Institute, including:
    • You will learn the skills you need to get a job in tech.
    • You will gain experience through internships and job placement services.
    • You will be surrounded by a supportive community of people who are also trying to break into the tech industry.